Wednesday, September 05, 2007

NFS User Provides Lesson Materials

Miles Meyer from the Jacksonville Florida East Stake has a short lesson plan for the NFS developed. The 15 page lesson manual on NFS is much easier to go through than the 150+ page online manual that comes with the roll-out. He based it on the online training modules. He has been using it for staff training and his Sunday School class. There are other training modules, including copies of his newsletters. The lessons he developed for teaching Family History are sized to take approximately 45 minutes to teach.

During the past two days the site has experienced bandwidth problems having exceeded the server's monthly quota for downloads. Miles has mirrored the site so there are three locations to download materials from. All training modules are available in PDF format.

The invitation is to use them freely in your FHC. Remember to credit Miles Meyer ( as the source and to send him a thank you.

NOTE: The Church is currently working on a new version Members' Guide plus a companion Teachers Guide to go with it. This new version will include the policies and guidelines for clearing names for the temple as they pertain to NFS. As the new manuals are published they will be rolled out to the temple districts that get NFS when they receive their training materials. As of yet these new manuals have not been distributed.

New FamilySearch Roll-out
Reno, NV - June 2007
St. Louis, MO - July 2007
Billings, MT - Aug 2007
Orlando, FL - Aug 2007

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