Thursday, September 13, 2007

Special Discounts for WorldVitalRecords Members!

To: Renee Zamora
From: David Lifferth, President of World Vital Records, Inc.
RE: Special Discounts exclusively for WorldVitalRecords Members!

Dear Renee,

As you are aware, we at work very hard to increase the value of your membership. We have one of the lowest cost memberships in the Genealogy and Family History markets. We add at least 1 new database every day, and as we announced in this week's newsletter, we now have 500 Million (or one-half Billion) records on line now! By constanly adding more databases and features is just one way that we are constantly increasign the value of your membership.

In addition to our low cost, we are alway trying to find special offers to save you additional money. Now that we have grown to almost 15,000 members, there are some great group purches and special offiers that we can make. Somes examples of these offers are RootsMagic,, and

I was recently approached by Bruce Buzbee of RootsMagic. He wanted to do a promotional campaign between World Vital Records and RootsMagic. RootsMagic version 3 is one of the leading genealogy applications. Like, RootsMagic is very innovated and they have created many new and useful features.

Click here
Click here to buy RootsMagic version 3 for $19.95! (a $30 value)

While supplies last, our promotional agreement allows us to to sell RootsMagic version 3 to our existing members for only $19.95. This special membership offer starts today, September 12th, 2007 and will last as long as we have remaining inventory. Don't wait until after we have sold them all.

Some of you may remember that we had a promotion for the World's Definitive eBook Collection last fall. This has 12 collections including the American Freedom Collection, American Freedom Library, Ultimate Classic Library, One Million Recipes, Quote Master, Complete Herbal Reference Library, and others. This was previouisly priced at $99. We have negotiated a price of $59.99 from for members of Click here for for more information.

For you Stephen R. Covey fans, we have negotiated a special offer on his best selling audio books. You can buy any or all of Stephen R. Covey's "7 Habits" series for 20% off from These downloadable books are also great gifts for your college student away from home for the first time, your teenager who wants to fill her IPOD with "good stuff", or just for you -- a way to put "first things first". Download and listen to while you're commuting, traveling, or even working out. To get this discount, which is available to World Vital Records members only, type in the promotion code "wvr2007" in the shopping cart for on any of the Covey titles.

We have added some great new features on new which is a FREE Web Site. It is a social network for Genealogists and Families. You can now upload your Family Tree file, see maps of the locations where your ancestors lived and died, see statistics about your ancestors such as average age, upload photos of your relatives, and share and collaborate in ways that were never before possible anywhere else. You will want to try it out.

Using's Free Family Tree Viewer, you can:

  • Quickly view pedigree files
  • Calculate the relationship between two individuals within their pedigree chart
  • Easily view vital information on an individual, such as birth, marriage, or death dates
  • Switch between Ancestor or Descendant screens
  • Add or view photos, documents, videos, albums, recordings, etc.
  • See information that has been added in the past 30 days
  • View a statistics page
  • Search through a large repository of information
  • Find surnames, places, dates, and local area information quickly and easily Click here to upload your family tree and connect with other genealogists for free on!

    I hope that you don't miss out on these great values. These great low cost resources will be a great benefit to you as you do your family history research.

  • Thank you,

    David Lifferth
    World Vital Records, Inc.
    1234 North 9th East
    Provo, Utah 84606

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