Thursday, September 13, 2007

Genealogy Search Australia

For My Australian Readers:

Genealogy Search Australia has a new face! The search engine has been overhauled to improve interaction with visitors. There is improved navigation and search results now provide better information. The data base has continued to grow with over 3700 family tree web sites listed along with 5000 genealogy / family history web sites of special interest to the Australian family historian. Visit now and leave some feedback.

Membership: One of the most valuable resources when you are researching your family history could be membership of a family history / genealogy society or group. These organisations often have an amazing amount of research material including micro fiche, CDs, books, maps and historical records. Membership fees are reasonable and you will find members most willing to help you in your research. Search Genealogy Search Australia for a society near you!

Queensland Family History Society: The QFHS has a range of CDs available for purchase online from their web site at These include the Commonwealth Electoral Rolls (Queensland) for 1903, 1913, 1922 and 1934. A great resource if your family has a Queensland connection. Other CDs include School Pupils, Railways and Police – check it out.

Convicts and Bushrangers: It is now quite fashionable to have convicts and bushrangers amongst your ancestors. There are a large number of good sites indexed by the search engine and have some great records: New South Wales and Tasmania, Convict Pardons and Tickets of Leave, 1834-1859 and UK New South Wales and Tasmania, Convict Musters, 1806-1849

Meta Tags: Once again we have to report that over 60% of web sites submitted to Genealogy Search Australia contain no Meta Tags. Meta Tags are essential on all web sites. Without Meta Tags web sites will be hard for searchers to find and will rank very lowly in search engine listings. There is no point in having a web site that cannot be found. There is a free tutorial on Meta Tags at: Do it soon to improve your ‘findability’ and search engine ranking.

Free Gift. Tell three friends about Genealogy Search Australia and receive the free 127 page Genealogy Topics eBook (PDF). The eBook is full of articles, tips and assistance from many experienced genealogists. Just complete the form at Genealogy Search Australia with your name and email, and the details of three friends who you think may be interested in this site.

Articles: There are many new genealogy and family history articles to read or download at Family History Articles. Publish your family history story or article for free!

Happy searching.


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