Wednesday, June 10, 2009

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MyHeritage launches a new version of its photo service, making it easier for families to share, organize and present their photo online

New features include photo uploads from mobile devices, a new and improved interface for automatic photo tagging and new photo slideshows.

Tel Aviv, Israel - June 10, 2009 - MyHeritage, one of the world's most popular family Web sties, today announced a new version of its innovative photo offering, making it even easier for families to share, organize and present their photos online. MyHeritage is a network of 32 million family members worldwide, more than 350 million profiles, 7 million family Web sites and 50 million photos. People upload more than 2.5 million family photos to MyHeritage every month, which is more than for all of its competitors combined.

In the new version of its photo service, MyHeritage improves its photo offering by letting consumers share family photos from mobile devices or by emial. This allows them to capture family moments and share them as they happen. The groundbreaking photo tagging technology developed by MyHeritage became much faster in the new version and received a brand new interface. A variety of slideshow formats were added to make the best display for family photos and offer beautiful new ways of sharing them with family members. The innovative MyHeritage "Ken Burns" slideshow, for example, is intelligently human-aware and automatically zooms in on people in photos.

"Sharing and presenting digital photos is very important to families all over the world, so we are constantly looking for ways to make this even easier and more fun to use," said Mario Ruckh, Director of Marketing at MyHeritage. "Now you can simple attach photos and videos to an email and send them directly to your family site. They are safely stored, easily accessible to your loved ones and don't clog up any email inbox. Best of all, the email upload also works from any mobile device. Everybody in the family knows how to use email."

Founded by CEO Gilad Japhet, MyHeritage helps people around the world discover, connect and communicate with their extended family network and easily research their family history. The service is unique in its international reach, currently translated into 34 languages. Its impressive growth is based on an increasing desire of families to stay closely connected and learn more about each other. MyHeritage can be accessed through the Web site or by downloading a simple piece of software called Family Tree Builder, which is free of charge.

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