Sunday, June 21, 2009

New FamilySearch Access

By now some of you know about the message that appears when you look up temple ordinances in

The link to more info, takes you to a knowledge document "All temple will record ordinances using the new FamilySearch System July 2009". Here is what is says:
By the end of July 2009, all temples (with the exception of Asian temples) will record ordinances using the new FamilySearch system. Ordinances are no longer being updated in the International Genealogical Index (IGI) by temples on the new system. Because of this, members should use the new FamilySearch site to view and verify the latest ordinance information.

Members who have registered in the existing site will be given access to register in the new FamilySearch system. To register for this new system go to and click the “Register for the new FamilySearch” link. If you are unable to register in new FamilySearch, please contact FamilySearch Support at one of the numbers listed on

Some members living in Utah and Idaho temple districts will not be able to add or make changes to data in new FamilySearch for several months, but will be able to view the data. If you live in one of these temple districts, please contact your ward or branch consultant with questions or for additional information.

Members who do not have full access to new FamilySearch should continue to prepare and submit names for the temple using TempleReady. However, to avoid unnecessary duplication, members should use the new FamilySearch to view the latest ordinance information for the names they are submitting. In addition, to expedite processing at the temple, Family History Centers will be able to help you prepare your TempleReady submission so it can be used by the new system.
Several days ago I asked my source at FamilySearch about which temple districts are taking FORs and which ones had consultant access to NFS. Here is their reply:

I’m not sure on the temples and FORs. Every temple has ability to process FORs but I believe it’s up to the individual temple when they actually begin accepting them.

All registered consultants and registered priesthood leaders in the following districts have access to new FamilySearch:

Mt Timpanogos
Salt Lake
St George

Since then I have learned from Sue Maxwell's Granite Genealogy blog, that family history consultants in the Draper temple district now have access to NFS. I also learned on the Ancestry Insider Blog that Idaho Falls received consultant access too. I updated my New FamilySearch Roll-out spreadsheet with the information.

At this point it's much easier to say the only Jordan River, Provo, and the Asian temple districts are without NFS access, for their consultants anyways. That could change in days for Jordan River and Provo. The Asian temple district will be a while.

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!


Jim B said...

Don't forget the Oquirrh Mountain Temple. We are sill up in the night about our temple and what we will be doing once it opens

Erlean D said...

The consultants in the Oquirrh Mountain Temple district have also received early access. We are preparing out stake consultants and priesthood leaders in hope of a stake rollout after the dedication.

Genealogy Dad said...

Add Provo to the list as well. All registered consultants can obtain their nFS ID and passwords.