Monday, June 15, 2009 Update

I received the following from Barry Ewell about I had been wondering what was happening with the site. I am personally very excited and anxious to see it go live, and think it will be a fantastic resource. is almost ready for beta testing.

The planned launch of was set for May 2009. The launch of the website has been delayed for late summer. I have chosen to delay the launch so that the MyGenShare can team can:

· Take advantage of new technology that will greatly enhance the user experience.

· Expand available content for patron use.

Prior to the launch of MyGenShare, we will conduct beta testing to give the website a thorough review to make sure it is ready to serve the needs of genealogists. is a website where genealogists will find thousands of educational and mentoring resources for the beginner to the most passionate across hundreds of topics. Resources include a rich and growing selection of articles, tutorials, videos, podcasts, and slideshows.

Kindest regards,

Barry J. Ewell is coming soon

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Jim B said...

So do you have any idea what the details are for the site? I looked at the page and saw the links. They looked interesting but it doesn't say if it will be completely instructional or if there will be user input like a wiki.

Renee Zamora said...

I have no idea if it will have a wiki flavor to it. It definitely will have instructional articles, video, etc.