Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Family Tree Builder now supports maps

The following is from - 28 Aug 2009

We've just released a brand new version of Family Tree Builder, and I thought you should be among the first to know.

Download Family Tree Builder 4.0 (FREE)

Family Tree Builder is the software many users around the world rely on for building their family trees. The new version 4.0 brings significant innovations and improvements, and we've been working hard in the past 7 months to make its release a celebration for lovers of family history.

Important note: if you're already using a previous version of Family Tree Builder, you can simply download and install version 4.0 on top of your current version with no problems. This will not affect your family tree data and is recommended. If you're not using Family Tree Builder yet or are using some other product, the new version 4.0 is an excellent start and you can move over any existing family tree to it using the GEDCOM import to try it out.

What's new?

Maps: Family Tree Builder 4.0 features an incredible new module that shows all the places mentioned in your tree on interactive maps, allowing you to gain a better understanding of your family history. Smart suggestions help you correct and standardize place names. The Maps module is free for all users, with size limitations that are lifted for our Premium and PremiumPlus members.

Photo albums: If you brought your family tree to life with photos, you will appreciate the new photo albums feature. You can now bring better order into your photos by organizing them in albums, with simple drag & drop operations that make our albums a pleasure to use. Publishing your tree to a family site on will back up your albums and allow you to share them with your family online.

Slideshow and screen saver: Family Tree Builder 4.0 can display your photos in a slideshow and comes with an attractive new screen saver that you can use to enjoy your family photos when you're not actively using the computer. This screen saver highlights people and gets smarter the more you use our tagging and face recognition features.

Family Toolbar: Fully integrated with family sites, our new browser toolbar provides Family Chat™: a friendly text, audio and video chat system that lets you chat with family members whenever they are online. It also lets you visit your family site in one click, get birthday reminders and perform powerful Web and genealogy searches.

Dozens of smaller improvements and bug fixes: incorporating feedback from our users, many issues have been improved and fixed. You can now restore a family tree that you published online and your photos will be recovered. We added a new tool that finds people in your family tree who are probably deceased but are not marked as such in your tree. New graphics have been added, and several problems in the program have become a thing of the past.

Updated user guide in English, plus new versions in German and Spanish.

What's next?

Download Family Tree Builder 4.0 (FREE)
View animated slideshow showing what Family Tree Builder 4.0 can do.
See what users think about Family Tree Builder.


Gilad Japhet
Founder and CEO

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