Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New features on dynastree

The following is from dynastree.

Hamburg, September 8, 2009 – The genealogy network for families, dynastree, has just been updated to a new version. It includes several new features, such as a view-only invitation, a new GEDCOM-file export including profile pictures, and a display showing which members of the family are also online. A variety of minor and major bugs have also been fixed in the new version.

Users can now invite relatives through the new view-only invitation (premium feature), which makes showing the tree to others possible, without having to give them full access. View –only users can see every detail of the family tree, but they cannot edit anything or invite further people to it. A long-requested feature has been implemented with the possibility to include profile pictures in a GEDCOM-file export. All profile pictures of one’s family tree are now backed up as well; the users can then easily and conveniently import the GEDCOM-file again - without having to re-add each picture manually.

More detailed profile information can now be ascribed to persons, as a lot of items have been added to the pre-defined list. Those include a variety of religious ceremonies, details of military service and decorations, and immigration data. It is also possible to add custom events and details, should one not find the right item from the pre-defined ones.

Another interesting feature, especially for ambitious genealogists, is the Kekulé-number, which is also known as the Ahnentafel (German for ancestor table) numbering system. This internationally accepted system describes the ancestral relations through numbers. The progenitor is assigned the number one, while the male descendants are assigned ascending even numbers, and ascending odd numbers are assigned to the female descendants. Dynastree now features this numbering system - the corresponding number can be seen on every profile.

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According to experts, and its international language versions have been among the fastest growing social networks worldwide in the last two years. By now, more than nine million families have created their tree at, and more than 15.000 new family trees are added each day. The venture capital corporations Neuhaus Partners and Hasso Plattner (co-founder of SAP) Ventures recognized the young start-up’s potential early and support as investors. was founded by the experienced internet entrepreneurs Daniel Grözinger and Sven Schmidt. They have already founded and maintained several internet projects since studying together, such as (an online ticketing service), and the FIFA Soccer World Cup Ticketing Center (responsible for managing the ticketing for the FIFA Soccer World Cup in Germany in 2006).

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