Monday, September 14, 2009

Return and Report on NFS Training

Last Thursday I reported in my blog article "Consultant Training Challenge" the need for family history consultant to complete the new FamilySearch training and reporting it to your High Priest Group leader. I am returning and reporting that I completed all the training Sunday night. I could of done it all Saturday but the site went down that night. I think it took about 6 hours to do all the training plus watch the DVDs and webinars.

The first step was to go to and in the "New FamilySearch Utah and Idaho Release" section click the "click here" button to go to the Utah and Idaho Instructions. If you're already registered as a consultant you click on the "Prepare" tab. The following instructions come up:

To get started, please complete the following:

  1. View The New FamilySearch and Temple Name Submission Process DVD and access additional release information.

  2. Complete all the new FamilySearch Web site training available online

    E-Learning Courses found in the Help Center in new FamilySearch Web site

    1. Go to and sign in

    2. Click Help Center

    3. Click the Training & Resources tab

    4. Click E-Learning Courses

    5. Complete the following courses:

      • How Consultants Support the New FamilySearch (webinar about 30 minutes long with 5 chapters) This was excellent!
      • The New FamilySearch(took about 3 hours) You receive a certificate of completion at the end.
      • Understanding Your Calling for Consultants
      • Providing Individual Help
      • Problem Solving for Consultants

  3. View new FamilySearch Web site Webinars (optional)

  4. Actively use the new FamilySearch Web site

    View new FamilySearch Web site practice exercise
The New FamilySearch and Temple Name Submission Process DVD has four sections to it. I was kind of afraid it wasn't giving enough info, i.e. warnings about uploading GEDCOMs, etc. But, as I completed the rest of the training I could see that they build on what you need to know. I think it did and excellent job covering all the info we needed to start. If you understand using the "Help Center" you have all the knowledge you need to use the site and help others.

I watched all the extra webinars and found I like this presentation style the best. It made you feel like you were attending an actual class. I have to admit I didn't do every practice step but focused only on the one or two points I wanted to refresh my knowledge on or work on cleaning up for my relatives. I think I would of gone a little crazy to work through all the examples when I was ready familiar with NFS.

Personally I think the the biggest reason consultants in Utah haven't been completing the training is because we have seen NFS presentations over and over again elsewhere. Now we just need to buckle down and document our knowledge. If I can do it, so can you. Now it's your turn to return and report.

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!

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