Friday, February 04, 2011

Super Indexing Sunday

Sunday, February 6 · 12:00am - 11:30pm


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More InfoKen Sisler, an indexer from Canada, created a Facebook event called Super Indexing Sunday. It will take place Sunday, the 6th of February; the same day as the Super Bowl. We think this is a fantastic idea and apparently NGS thinks so too:

Take a look at Ken's original event page and join us in this effort to break the record set in January 2011 of approximately 1.9 million names indexed and arbitrated in 1 day:

Join us for as long as you like throughout the day and especially during, or in place of, the Super Bowl itself. Go to to get started!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Renee Zamora:
Thank-you for advertising this event. I appreciate it very much.
Yours truly,
Ken Sisler
Newmarket, Ontario, Canada