Thursday, March 29, 2012

Free 1940 Census Webinar Sessions

The following is from RootsMagic.

RootsMagic is proud to be sponsoring a full week of webinar sessions dedicated to the 1940 US Census and hosted by DearMYRTLE.

What to Expect at the Webinars
Since the 1940 US Census images will have been released only 12 hours prior to the first webinar session, we'll be learning and sharing together. The format for the webinar is "partial open mic" to discuss "on the fly" the experiences we're having with the newly released 1940 US Federal Census images.  We will be joined by Jim Ericson from FamilySearch and Amy Johnson Crow from with tips, tricks and answers to your 1940 census questions.

Five Webinars - Attend One or All of Them
The 1940 Census webinar sessions will meet five (count'em 5) times, and you may attend any or all of the sessions with your single registration.  Register once to receive log-in info and reminders for all five nights.

MONDAY Apr 2nd
FRIDAY April 6th
9pm Eastern US
8pm Central US
7pm Mountain US
6pm Pacific US

Each webinar session will be open to the first 1000 people in the door each night.  DearMYRTLE will hold a pre-webinar warm-up beginning 15 minutes before the start time.
Here are some questions to get us started:
The images:
-- Were there challenges logging in at to view the images?
-- Have you found an ancestor?
-- Did you use ED maps for larger cities or browse the complete county?
-- In what formats can one save the image?
-- Are there issues zooming in and out, or do you think things are moving smoothly?
-- Was the website timing out, or did things run smoothly?
-- Do you like the image viewer?
-- If you are having issues with the image viewer, which OS and web browser are you using?
The indexing:
-- Did you sign up for indexing at
-- Have you been notified that your state is available for indexing yet?
-- Is this process running smoothly?
-- Have you previously done work as an indexer?
-- Have you previously done work as an arbitrator?

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