Thursday, March 08, 2012

Plant and Ye Shall "Find"

I am clapping my hands for joy over this The Salt Lake Tribune article - "Mormon church blocks whistle-blower's access to baptism data" by Derek P. Jensen.  It has been my personal gut feeling that the people blowing the whistle on "members" submitting Jewish and celebrity names for baptisms for the dead, have been the ones doing the submitting all along.  Now, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), The Salt Lake Tribune, nor Helen Radkey, say that this is what's happening, it's totally my personal opinion, shared by many of my fellow genealogists.

There are warnings all over New FamilySearch to not submit these names.  Good members see them, the LDS Church is not at fault if someone forces the system to do what they are not suppose to do. BUT, I think the timing is awfully suspicious that within hours of a Jewish or celebrity name being baptized, Helen Radkey and her "Apostate Mormon" crew find them!  What better way to "find" someone then if you put it there yourself.  I smell a RAT!!!

In the Salt Lake Tribune article LDS Church spokesman Michael Purdy released the following statement:
"The church is committed to preventing the misguided practice of submitting the names of Holocaust victims and prominent individuals for proxy baptism. In addition to reiterating its policy to members, the church has implemented a new technological barrier to prevent abuse of the New FamilySearch system. Anyone trying to access names that have been restricted will have their account suspended and be required to contact FamilySearch to establish their family relationship in order to have their access reinstated. Abuse of the system will result in the permanent loss of database access."
Turning off access to Jewish Holocaust victim or celebrity names does affect the members related to them.  They will need to contact FamilySearch support to prove their relationship to them to have their access turned back on, which effectively gives them a recommend to use the NFS system.  I am happy about the resolution.  I was thinking ALL members wanting to access temple ordinance information and submit names on NFS should go through a  recommend process, so we could weed out the riffraff.  The Church's solution is better than mine.

I am still going to memorize Helen Radkey's face, I know I've seen her before at the FHL. Members be warned, not only her but her crew could be waiting for you to leave your computers, still logged into NFS, to gain access.  We have nothing to hide.  We have everything to prevent. Stopping unscrupulous people from accessing the system, and submitting Jewish Holocaust and celebrities names for temple work, and then crying fowl.

Let me just reiterate, I have no personal knowledge that this is what Helen Radkey's group is doing.  It's just my gut feeling!

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!

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