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Get early access to FamilySeach Family Tree!

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Get Early Access to the Family Tree
on! HomeCongratulations! You have been selected to be among the first to use the new Family Tree on
Now you can access your family tree and the largest collection of genealogy resources in the world from a single website—
Why you? Because you are familiar with The Family Tree, which represents a new approach to researching and organizing your family tree, will be replacing in the coming months. Early access allows you to explore the Family Tree using your own tree data on a live system. You can also invite other users of to work with you. (They will just need to follow the activation instructions provided below.)

What Is the Family Tree?

The Family Tree is a new service found at that enables you to enjoy family history in new ways. Once all of the features are in place, the Family Tree will replace new.FamilySearch and will be freely and publicly available to people around the world.
The Family Tree will let you:
  • Connect and collaborate with others who share an interest in a common ancestral line.
  • Add, edit, and delete relationships between individuals in the Family Tree.—Coming Soon!
  • Edit vital and other information for all of your ancestors.
  • Discuss and source family tree information to improve conclusions over time.
  • View the history of changes to your ancestors, providing increased understanding and control over changes and revisions.
  • Add specific ancestors to a personal “Watch List” to receive notifications whenever information about those ancestors is added or changed.
  • Try out new features and functionality as they are added over the coming months.
Get started today! Please follow the instructions below to activate your account and pioneer this new approach to family history.

First-time Account Activation
for Access to the Family Tree

To activate your current FamilySearch Account for access to the Family Tree, just sign in on the special access page. Go to to sign in using your normal account credentials. This will be the only time you will need to access this page.

>> Activate your account to access the Family Tree

Top NavigationThe first time you sign in, you will be automatically redirected to your family tree section on the main website. That’s right, you will now be able to access your family tree information right on! All of the information from has been conveniently added to the Family Tree, and any changes you make in either system will be available in both systems. Your family tree and other features can be accessed when you click on the Family Tree tab at the top-left of the web page.

Once you activate your account, you can then access the Family Tree anytime you sign in to the website. Be sure to always sign in. If you are not signed in, the Family Tree link will not appear on the site.

Got a Question?

If you need help, contact Support at 1-866-406-1830 Please note that help is currently limited to enabling access to the Family Tree. 

A complete user guide for the Family Tree is available online to help you get started. Additional support materials will be available soon.

Your Feedback Is Important

During the initial stages of the Family Tree, your experiences, insights, and ideas will help us to refine the process. Please take the time to share your thoughts by clicking the orange Feedback tab on the top right of the web page. You’ll also be able to view the comments of other users.

Feedback Tab
We hope you enjoy exploring the Family Tree and that you find much joy as you discover more about your family history.
Family Tree Team at FamilySearch

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