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South Davis Family History Fair Review

This past Saturday, March 3, 2012, I attended the South Davis Family History Fair in Bountiful, UT.  This marked the 15th year of the Fair. The big change is the fair is now under the umbrella of the Utah Genealogical Association (UGA). The UGA stepped in when this multi-stake fair was threatened to be discontinued this year.  All attendees were excited to hear that the UGA would continue the tradition of this annual event.

There was a Friday night general session with Lisa Louise Cook on "The Family History Great Race!" that unfortunately I was unable to attend.  I heard it was excellent. The Saturday attendance figures given me were 700 registered, about 200 walk-ins so about 900 in attendance.

The keynote address was given by Karen Clifford - "Uniting Generations Through the Changing Face of Family History Research".  This was my third time hearing this same presentation. Karen is always an excellent presenter but she was more humorous, engaging to her audience, and gave a flawless presentation.  I think she must have changed it up a bit.  It goes to show you that even if you hear the same presentation, by the same presenter, several times, there is always something new you can pick up on. She does make me want to learn more about the SharingTime website.

This year as I reviewed the classes being offered I noticed that Robert Raymond and Jill Woodbury were teaching the Baby Step Series. I had been planning on sitting down one day and going over the "Baby Steps to Genealogy Maturity" to discover what my genealogical maturity level was.  Of course, like all good intentions I just didn't get around to it. This was my opportunity to not only find out my genealogical maturity level, but ways to improve it. Since I was going to take all of the classes I volunteered to be room hostess.

One pleasant surprise, announced after the third class, was if you attended at least three classes the UGA gave you a certificate of completion. Those that registered in advance had their names already printed on the certificate. Sadly, my name was misspelled, and by genealogists, heheheh!!  It is a pretty certificate.

If you go on under Learn, and in the wiki search for "Baby Steps" you can take the classes and discover your Genealogy Maturity level and ways for personal growth. The order of the classes are below with links. Baby Steps with Information & Evidence is actually two separate classes that were combined into one for this conference.
  1. Baby Steps to Genealogy Maturity 
  2. Baby Steps with Sources 
  3. Baby Steps with Citations 
  4. Baby Steps with Information & Evidence
  5. Baby Steps with Conclusions
The Research Process

Robert and Jill would encourage us after each class to set our goal in each area. From taking this series I feel more confident in what direction I need to take in becoming a better genealogist. I really feel this series is a must for everyone interested in genealogy. I was grateful during the classes that they didn't ask what our maturity level was in a given area. So, I won't tell mine if you don't tell yours!

The South Davis Family History Fair is always one of my favorite to attend each year.  The only thing that is disappointing to me is the limited number of vendors in attendance.  I guess this is due to the size of the gym. I really wished there were more.  I actually found myself with time on my hands and not knowing what to do. Ok, maybe I just go to a lot of conferences and talk to the vendors to much. Many of them I saw at RootsTech and St. George this past month.

I did make some purchases.  I bought the "Genealogical Proof Standard - Building a Solid Case" by Christine Rose.  Robert had recommended it in one of his classes. Family Roots Publishing just so happened to have them in stock at the fair. Let me just mention what a trooper they were. Leland became ill at the last minute and was unable to attend. His son and daughter-in-law were there holding down the fort, with a brand new five day old baby in attendance. If that baby grows up to be a genealogist he can claim the fame of starting genealogy when he was five days old!

My other purchase was a necklace from ProgenyLink. It says "My Grandma is my Guardian Angel". The moment I saw it I knew I had to have it. My grandmother is very special to me.

I have started a new tradition for myself. For the last three conferences I have attended I have taken a picture of my "collection" to capture the moment. I have a picture of it below. As you can't tell I love genealogy pins. Thankfully UGA/South Davis gave out the syllabus on CD for the second year in a row.  It makes my life so much easier.  The red bar is actually a FamilySearch gift. It's a picture/card holder that you can stick to your monitor with the 1940s Census reminder. The other CD is the "The Great Ancestral Hunt - A Basic Course in American Genealogy" by Karen Clifford's company "Genealogy Research Associates, Inc."  I actually purchased a copy at the Ogden FH Conference last year, but they were free at this fair. I have just the friend to give it to.

The little notepad with RootsTech and various vendors on it was from RootsTech 2011.  It's my latest genealogy organizing tip. It has a notepad, business cards, labels and a pen all wrapped inside with a rubber band holding them in place.  It's been a great tool that I can easily carry in my hand while talking to vendors.

I guess my RootsMagic bag is getting pretty recognizable at conferences. If you happen to see it at your next conference flag me down and say hi!

See you tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!

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