Thursday, January 09, 2014

Genota 5 Released

I'm a little late putting this out. This is from the Genota Newsletter.

Hi All

Firstly, I hope that everyone is enjoying the festive holidays and I wish all the very best for the new year.

Well it is finally released. Genota 5 is now officially available for download from

It  has been a long time coming and a number of items didn't make the cutoff but I hope to have them included in a release early 2014.

Users will find a number of new features besides the support for Legacy versions 3 through 8, a new interface that I feel many users will find much easier to navigate, and the new transcription module which will assist users in extracting information from documents, especially with the ability to automatically extract text from PDF files. In addition, multiple Notes cam be opened at once to enable comparative analysis of content, or to simply cut and paste information between them.

This release will read your existing Genota 4 files, however it is highly recommended that a backup be made of any Genota 4 files first as some restructuring occurs when they are opened in Genota 5, rendering them unusable in earlier versions.

The user guide for Genota 5 is accessible on-line or as a downloadable PDF file from the website to all registered users of any version of Genota. Login to the site for access to it. It can also be accessed from within Genota 5 by selecting the appropriate option under the HELP menu.

Relatively Yours 3 support has been removed, however if users specifically request a need for it, support may be reinstated, but I am currently considering support from other more popular software packages .

Also removed from this release is the ability to group rows within the grid layouts. This has been necessary because in the longer term it is intended that a mobile version of Genota will be available and the grids used in Genota 4 are not supported in the mobile world.

To all registered users of Genota 4 this release will be provided as a free upgrade.
Those people still on Genota 3.2 or earlier or are subscribers to the Genota News will be able to obtain Genota at 50% off the standard price. Please email for more details as at present this offer is not available though the website.

Genota 3.2 and Genota 4 will no longer be available for download from the website, however users of Genota 4 can still upgrade to the latest (last) build by selecting CHECK FOR UPDATES from the Genota 4 menu.

If anyone experiences any problems with Genota 5 or has any suggestions for improvement or inclusions email them to

Have fun with Genota 5 and until next the time, good luck with your research

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