Sunday, April 06, 2014

Ogden Family History Summer Camp 2014

The following is from the Ogden FamilySearch Library.

Family History Summer Camp 2014 

They're coming! The Ogden FamilySearch Library family history summer camps will begin on June 2nd. The camps are interactive group activities designed for people ages 8 to adults. 

Camp will begin with a general meeting to learn age appropriate basic Family History concepts and see a short video about how to begin family history. Next, the small groups will visit grandma's front room to learn the story of a family who escapes Russian persecution in 1906-three year-old Louis is left behind. Then each group will visit learning stations around the Ogden Family Search Library. They will search for clues about Louis Rapaport's family. Their guide will teach them what can be learned about family history by visiting a mock county clerk's office, public library, and a cemetery. They will visit and learn about digitizing books and how to access those. The whole group will do an internet search with each participant at a computer. Finally, the entire group will go to the "kitchen table" to begin writing their own history in the My Family booklet.

Youth and Adult groups will work through these stations rather quickly. They will research their own family using internet sites under the direction of their guide. These groups will have to come with names, dates, and places of deceased ancestors. For Reservations: Call 801-626-1132.

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