Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Charts for Family Tree Maker users

The following is from Progeny Software.

As you may have heard, is discontinuing Family Tree Maker.

Ancestry will support Family Tree Maker throughout 2016. After that, FTM will continue to run as long as Windows does not introduce any incompatibilities. 
Many FTM users, who prefer a desktop program, are wondering whether they will be able to create charts & books, should they switch to another genealogy program.
Others, who will be converting to the on-line Ancestry family trees, have observed that Ancestry does not provide the variety of charts they have come to depend on to share their story with their family.
Progeny has a solution for both cases: Charting CompanionGenelines and Map My Family Tree provide you with a comprehensive range of ways to publish your family history.
Charting Companion reads the database format of all popular genealogy programs. If your tree is on Ancestry, download a GEDCOM to create charts.
Get Charting Companion today for $34.95 download, $39.95 CD-ROM. Tell the glorious story of your family. 
Pierre Clouthier
Pierre Clouthier
President, Progeny Genealogy

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