Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Heritage Collector 9.0 Version Released

The following is from Heritage Collector.

Announcing The New 9.0 Release
of Heritage Collector Suite

By Marlo Schuldt, President
LifeStory Productions, Inc.
Personalize calendars and cards

Learn what's new in 9.0
  • Special Christmas Discount
  • New Drag and Drop Options
  • Viewing / Managing Resources
  • Talking Calendar
  • QR Code Implementation
  • Talking Birthday Card
  • Personalized Christmas Card
  • US & World Maps Included
  • New Documentation
  • Multiple Zoom Windows
  • Video / Audio Table of Contents
  • Sharing via a Cloud
  • Questions / Answers
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Best Wishes,
Marlo E. Schuldt
LifeStory Productions, Inc.

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