Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Family Tree Maker/Ancestral Quest Announcement

The following is from Ancestral Quest.

Ancestral Quest Provides Family Tree Maker Users 
with Path Forward and a $10 Discount

We know that Family Tree Maker (FTM) users were disheartened to learn recently that will be discontinuing FTM, and even though FTM will continue to function for some time, many FTM users are anxious to explore alternate software. Incline Software invites them to give Ancestral Quest (AQ) a serious look. Here are a few things they should know about AQ:

* Ancestral Quest can easily import their data. You can watch a short video that will guide you through this process here: watch video

* has previously licensed AQ to be the base of their company product. Prior to acquiring the company that owned FTM, had licensed AQ and distributed it to millions of their users under the name of Ancestry Family Tree (AFT). Just like AFT, AQ has the option to do background searches on the databases, and provides links to the results.

* Ancestral Quest has been licensed as the basis for other major family tree software titles that have been used by millions of people, including the Windows versions of Personal Ancestral File (PAF).

* Ancestral Quest is available both for Windows and Mac.

* AQ is easy to use, yet full-featured. Beginners and professionals alike enjoy the simple yet comprehensive options for recording and sharing their family tree information.

* AQ has a unique capability for teams of users to share their data on a private cloud-based system. We call this “Collaboration.”

* AQ was the first family tree product to be certified to share data with FamilySearch, and received an award for the completeness of that offering.

* Ancestral Quest Basics is a free version of AQ. FTM users could download the free AQ Basics, import their FTM data into it, spend some time getting a feel for the screens and reports, and then make a decision about whether to continue using AQ as their FTM replacement – all without any cost.

* Thanks to the efforts of volunteers around the world, AQ is available in many languages other than its native English. These include German, French, Spanish, and many others.

* Until January 31, 2016, you can apply a $10 discount to your upgrade to AQ.

To learn more about Ancestral Quest, the transition from Family Tree Maker, and the $10 discount, please visit this page:

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