Saturday, February 04, 2017

Legacy Tree Genealogist's FREE Chromosome Mapping Tool!

The following is from Legacy Tree Genealogists.

Legacy Tree Genealogists, Inc.
Discover What You're Made Of with FREE Chromosome Mapping Tool from Legacy Tree Genealogists
Legacy Tree Genealogists is excited to announce the release of our free Grandparent Inheritance Charts tool.

Based on software developed by Kitty Cooper and with her assistance, we have developed a free tool which enables you to easily map the segments of DNA you inherited from each of your grandparents (often referred to as chromosome mapping).
Map Your Chromosomes, Even Without Living Grandparents
Legacy Tree is excited to provide the Grandparent Inheritance Chart to the genealogical community. 

The basis for our tool is founded in the fact that at any given point in an individual’s DNA they can only have inherited DNA from a single paternal grandparent and from a single maternal grandparent. Therefore any DNA that you do not share with a tested grandparent has to have come from the other grandparent on that same side. The tool uses this information to create a chromosome map.

Legacy Tree's DNA Guru, Paul Woodbury, Featured on Extreme Genes
Which of your grandparents are you most like, REALLY? 

Paul Woodbury discusses the recently released Grandparent Inheritance Chart tool from Legacy Tree Genealogists - how to use it, who to test and more!

Paul Woodbury Featured on 
Genealogy Guys &Genealogy Connection
Paul Woodbury is well-known for his work combining traditional genealogical research with DNA testing.

Today on the Genealogy Guys Podcast & Genealogy Connection, he shares details on the release of the free online chromosome mapping tool from Legacy Tree Genealogists.


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