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MyHeritage News, new DNA Feature & Discoveries Pages

The following is from MyHeritage.

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That's a Wrap for 2016!
We've had an exciting year at MyHeritage, adding dozens of new features, publishing nearly a billion international historical records, and bringing families closer together through family history discoveries. We also launched MyHeritage DNA, our global genetic testing service. Here's a look back at the key milestones of the past year.
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DNA Matching Enhanced with New Features
We've recently added new features to DNA Matching, making it even more useful for furthering your family history research. The features include new search capabilities, new filters and the ability to add notes to matches.
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Watch Our Webinar
We recently hosted a webinar about MyHeritage DNA testing with Yoav Naveh, Head of MyHeritage DNA. He explained the basics of genetic testing and answered questions from the audience. Watch the recording and learn how to gain insights into your ethnic origins and take your family history research to new horizons.
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We’ve just introduced the new Discoveries pages on MyHeritage. 

The Discoveries pages provide a unified experience for all matches, organizing them into two main pages: Matches by People and Matches by Source. Now you can look at all matches that were found for a particular individual in your family tree, or all matches found in a particular collection of historical records or matching family tree. Whatever you choose to use, the new pages combine Smart Matches (matches with trees) and Record Matches (matches with records) into the same unified and consistent interface. 

We also now display the new information that each match provides, and matches are arranged by the value that they add to your family tree, so that those matches that add the most value are listed first.
This saves you time and allows you to focus on the most valuable matches. You can easily save all new and improved information to your family tree. 

MyHeritage is known throughout the industry for it's matching technologies, and they have just gotten even better with a great new user interface. The new pages are easier to use, more intuitive and much faster than the previous layout. 

To learn more about the Discoveries page visit:

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