Monday, February 06, 2017

Next UGA DNA Special Interest Group Meeting

The following is from the Utah Genealogical Association.

Please join us Tuesday, March 14th, at 7:00 pm for the monthly DNA SIG meeting: “What DNA Can Teach You” presented by Stephanie Saylor.

Stephanie will discuss how genetic genealogy can provide additional documentation on your ancestors by expanding your family history tool box. We will focus on some basics information on different types of DNA so we can give reasonable expectations on how long and involved different research questions can be depending on your learning curve, specific questions and type of DNA you are using.  

The DNA SIG meets under the direction of Stephanie Saylor, who holds a degree in biology with an emphasis in neuroscience.  She combines her love of genealogy with a background in genetic research to put together and organize presentations for this group. 

Presentations are facilitated online through GoToWebinar.  Participants are welcome to ask questions throughout, and the recordings are made available for UGA member viewing. To register, please visit the UGA Webiste: DNA Interest Group/Register to Attend.  (You must log in as a member to visit this page.)

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