Tuesday, August 21, 2007

FamilySearch News - Clarification

I was excited to receive the following email with some clarifications on my article yesterday, FamilySearch News. Thanks Paul for making the light a little brighter for us.

Hi Renee. You did a fine job trying to summarize the news blitzes from FamilySearch for this past week. I just wanted to clarify two points for you and your readers:
  1. FamilySearch Records Access Genesis Project. The FamilySearch Records Access program is part of the FamilySearch suite of services focused on extending its digital preservation, publishing, indexing, and access services to record custodians large and small. The Genesis Project is merely the name for the first request for information (RFI) of its kind for FamilySearch. It implies that there is more to follow. This initial RFI, as you have noted, invites service providers to get in on the indexing action and digital image access of select sample data projects. It also invites and encourages record custodians to open up exploratory dialogue with FamilySearch respective to their records preservation, publishing, indexing, and access needs.

  2. FamilySearch Scanstone Project. "Scanstone" was a temporary name only for the digital imaging technology developed by FamilySearch. The idea was to convert microfilm cameras to special digital cameras with proprietary software and utilities, and to convert existing microfilm to a digital format that could be readily posted on the Internet for public use and indexing. Now that the technology has been developed and launched, it is referred to officially as FamilySearch Scanning. It is just one arrow in the quiver of services offered by the FamilySearch Records Access program.
Let me know if I have only served to further confuse you. :o)

Paul Nauta
Manager of Public Affairs
Family & Church History Department
FamilySearch (TM)

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