Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Search for Family Reunions in old Newspapers

I received the following email from Tom Kemp:

Family Reunions

August has been a great month for family reunions. I have been going through old newspapers and by combining a search on a surname and adding the words: family reunion I have been gathering plenty of articles on various family reunions from all parts of the country.

Here are three examples - I put the digital copies of these articles for everyone to see at:

Griffith Family Reunion - State (Columbia, SC) -- 23 Aug 1914
Marsh Family Reunion Dallas (TX) Morning News -- 24 Aug 1931
Stewart Family Reunion Tacoma (WA) Daily News -- 10 Aug 1894

I found over 46,000 articles using the terms family reunion in - and while I am sure that some of those articles aren't about genealogy gatherings - plenty of them are. There are also school class reunions - military unit reunions - reunions of all types. These are very interesting articles - many of them packed with genealogy data. You may see all of the articles on (a subscription site) - it can be searched for FREE so that you can try it out for your family - you'll get back a snippet with a few lines of the actual article so that you may see if it is the family you are looking for before you subscribe.

These articles are terrific examples - giving the names of the various relatives and often their ages and where they lived then and where they were born - info on the pioneer ancestor etc.

I am amazed at what is online now. So - if you're not holding a family reunion this week - you will have plenty of time to search these 46,000 articles :)

See these 3 sample articles at:

What a great day for genealogy.


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