Monday, August 13, 2007

FREE Mac Genealogy Program

Howard Metcalfe has just released Personal Ancestry Writer II for Macs, version 72. PAWriter is a FREE Mac genealogy program that incorporates a lot of the features of the LDS Personal Ancestral File program (PAF) for the Macintosh (2.3.1)

Additional features:
  • Generate web pages (in HTML)
  • Word processing files (in RTF for, e.g., AppleWorks) and desktop publishing files (in MML for FrameMaker).
  • The generated report files include genealogical dictionaries, registers, ahnentafels and lineages—as well as some interesting text files and pedigree charts.
  • PAWriter also provides flexible selection of subsets of people in a file by “tagging” them (marking them as members of the subset) using a host of selection criteria. Selections include inclusion (+), exclusion (-) and intersection (*) of the set of people meeting the criteria with those already tagged.
Consider PAWriter to be a possible next step in the development of Macintosh PAF had its development not been discontinued after release 2.3.1, i.e., “what might have been.” PAWriter is not meant to have the bells and whistles that are in the current crop of genealogical programs. The emphasis is on maintaining a genealogical database from which the user can write books and/or post web pages about a family.

Importantly, the use of PAWriter differs from other programs in that each statement given in a person’s vital statistics should be based on the evidence given or referenced in the notes for that person and/or for his or her relatives, and should represent the researcher’s best current conclusions as to the true facts. For this purpose, the notes should contain all of the evidence, substantiation, documentation, background information, clarification, interpretation and/or other relevant commentary. It is in these notes that source citations are referenced through footnotes inserted at the appropriate points in the notes’ text, as is normally done in books. (The footnotes will be included at the end of the printed notes in the generated reports.)

You can download it here: PAWriter forums

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Beth said...

I'm really excited about this announcement. Now I have a question. Will I be able to use PAF Insight with this program?