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Unusual Sources - Finding Civilian Employee Death overseas - War Dept.

I am always looking for people - in every possible resource.

I found these obituaries and death records of American civilian employees of the Bureau of Education of the War Department in the Philippines. They all died in 1902 or 1903 and are recorded in the 1904 annual report of the "War Department" You can find it in the US Serial Set - check with your college or larger public library to see if they have it in the US Government Documents collection.

I found these on and put digital copies of these pages on the web for everyone to see at:

I think that it is a good example of the unusual places that we can find genealogical information.

It would be difficult to find a record of their death in the Philippines, giving this much additional information, anywhere else.

Here is a list of the people named in this report.

Allen, Joseph E. died 29 April 1903
Baugh, Josephine, Mrs. died 22 Aug 1903
Cooper, Price W. died 7 April 1903
Gilliam, Walter died 7 July 1903
Kirkpatrick, Joshua Bartlett died 14 Nov 1902
Lutz, Marian, Mrs. died 24 July 1903
Matthews, Walter Roy died 19 Feb 1903
Montgomery, D.C. died 31 Oct 1902
O'Donnell, John J., Jr. died 15 Aug 1903
Osbon, Orman K. died 24 Jan 1903
Ross, Mae I., Mrs. died 3 Jan 1903
Skiff, Vernon E. died 2 Feb 1903
Walker, Robert P. died 3 July 1903

The details of their life, government service, cause of death and next of kin are given in the annual report. Even the description of the obscure grave markings and locations are given. Invaluable for genealogists.

I have put the digital copies of these obits at:

One down, 200 Million resources to search.

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