Thursday, September 17, 2009

New FamilySearch Update Correction

On Monday, 14 Sept 2009 I published an article "New FamilySearch Update - 14 Sep 2009" In that article I mention two rumors about the roll-out timing that I had heard.

  • New FamilySearch will probably be totally live in Utah & Idaho by General Conference.
  • 40 stakes will get the email today saying they will go live next week, all in the Provo district.
I have been in discussion with Paul Nauta, FamilySearch Public Affairs Manager, about these rumors. I can now report:
“The current plans are to have newFamilySearch rolled out to all temple districts by the end of 2009. All Idaho and Utah districts will not be live by the upcoming LDS General Conference date.”
We also now have a complete list of stakes in the Provo Temple District that have received word of going live with New FamilySearch on 21 Sep 2009. For a complete list of Provo's Announced Release dates click here.

See ya tomorrow for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!


Anonymous said...

Just one question.

When Brother Paul said that nFS will go live for all Temples district, he include Hong Kong and other Asians Temples?

Renee Zamora said...

We were only discussing the Utah/Idaho Release. I don't think the the Asian Temples are even on the table.