Monday, March 15, 2010

Changes in Ohana's Webinar Archive

I received the following email from Ohana Software.
We are making some changes to our Webinar Archive:

Due to space we have decided that each archived webinar video will only be available for a month from the time it is posted. You are still welcome to download and keep many of them as training tools. However, the availability of guest presentations with be up to each guest presenter. We will leave all the webinar videos up for March, but beginning April 1st all the videos that are older than a month will be taken off the website.

If you have any questions or comments about this new policy, don't hesitate to e-mail me.


Andrea Schnakenburg

Ohana Software

The following webinar videos will be available to download until 1 April 2010.
  • Syncing Your File with FamilySearch™ using FamilyInsight
  • Mini Webinar: Editing and Correcting Place Names
  • Basic Research Practices in the Age of New FamilySearch by Janet Hovorka
  • How to Find U.S. Birth, Marriage, and Death Records (& Substitutes) on the Internet by Rae Lee Steinacker
  • How to Light a Fire Under Your Ward
  • New Resources to Make It Easier by Paul Larsen
  • Syncing PAF files with FamilySearch™ using FamilyInsight
  • Ordinance Reservation 101
  • Using Record Search by Merlin Kitchen
  • Heritage Collector: Gather, Prepare, Print, and Share by Marlo E. Schuldt
  • Collaboration Clean-Up/ Refining Your File
To download and save a webinar video you will need to right click on the red play button and select "Save Target As" (IE) or "Save Link As" (Firefox). This will allow you to pick a location and save the video.

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