Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Insights into Insight: Major Update Coincides with FamilySearch Update

Ohana Software's recent newsletter is reporting.

This issue of Ohana Insights contains vital information concerning the release of our new update of FamilyInsight. Significant changes have been made to the FamilySearch family tree website. Those changes require you to update your FamilyInsight and other programs that work with new FamilySearch to new versions that are being release. They also affect your login to the new FamilySearch website.

Please help us by carefully reading the newsletter so you know what to do to get your program updated, etc.

We have tried to anticipate your questions and concerns and have addressed them in this newsletter. Before calling or writing, please review the newsletter to see if you can find the answer to your needs. If you cannot find what you need, please be patient as it may take us a bit longer to reply to your emails or answer your calls during this time of transition.

We hope we have identified key issues you may face and that the newsletter will be a good resource for you.

Links to download updates

FamilyInsight latest version. Free if you are within your year of free updates or update extension license period.
Get My Ancestors latest version. FREE
Ordinance Tracker latest version. Update free for those who have purchased previously
Charting Companion for FamilySearch latest version. Update free for those who have purchased previously.

~Login Changed ~

The top of the list is FamilySearch has released a new version of their website. Whether you login on thenew.familysearch.org website directly or through FamilyInsight, you will be required to use yourLDS.ORG login instead of your new.familysearch.org login. I quote from a FamilySearch email to beta testers for the FamilySearch family tree website. "FamilySearch is now integrated with LDS Account andFamilySearch account. This means that users will eventually have only one user name and password for all FamilySearch accounts (including Record Search, Research wiki, etc.) or for all LDS Accounts" (this is for LDS Church members and includes FamilySearch sites and ward and stake Web sites).There is also a combined FamilySearch type account for non LDS users.

When you use FamilyInsight and need to login, you will need to use your LDS.ORG login. If you do not know your LDS.ORG login or have other questions please go to the LDS Account support page

Go to the first section on the list, Sign-in Issues, and click on
  • How do I recover my user name or password?
    • I forgot my user name
    • I forgot my password
When you click on the links, answer the questions and follow the instructions. Once you retrieve your user name and password, use that to login through FamilyInsight. There are some changes to FamilyInsight. Please read carefully, as this will save writing an email and waiting for a reply.

The full March 2010 newsletter will be posted here.

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