Monday, March 15, 2010

Family ChArtist

Last week at work (WorldVitalRecords) I was replying to some support emails. I came across an inquiry from a gentleman wanting to know how he could get a chart showing everyone in his database. WorldVitalRecords does not offer this service, but I know who does. The company is Generations Map!

They do a wonderful job of making order out of the chaos in our genealogy databases. Their chart called Generations Map is my favorite. Last week was also the very timely launch of a new service they are providing - Family ChArtist. This is a web-based program that will allow you to upload your GEDCOM or sync to New FamilySearch to help you create beautiful, well just breath-taking, family heirloom quality charts.

The program is very easy to use, and the options appear limitless. The hardest part about using Family ChArtist is trying to choose amongst the gazillion gorgeous graphics available. You really need to take a look at them to appreciate what they have done.

After you have created your chart you can download a free 8.5 x 11 jpg to print from your home computer. If you want larger charts you can order a PDF or paper charts from 8 different paper options. You will find the options fit every taste and budget.

Janet Hovorka has put a lot of effort on her blog The Chart Chick to show you the possibilities available using Family ChArtist. Mark Tucker from Think Genealogy did a great job creating a Family ChArtist video for them. You can view the video on YouTube here.

This is a fantastic service and I encourage you to stop by and make your custom chart today!

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Janet Hovorka said...

Thanks for taking a look at it Renee. We are so glad you like it.