Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Registration and Sign-in for FamilySearch Programs

The following is from FamilySearch.

March 16, 2010

New Registration and Sign-in for FamilySearch Programs

Dear Family History Consultant:

We are excited about all of our new technological advances and acknowledge your role in assuring that members in your local unit are aware of our new tools and know how to use them. We are now pleased to announce that FamilySearch programs are rapidly moving toward using a new sign-in system that will allow you to have and use the same user name and password not only for all FamilySearch sites but also for other general Church Internet sites.

· The new sign-in system is called an “LDS Account” for those who are Church members.

· It is called a “FamilySearch account” for the general public.

· The beta tests going on now for and for the Indexing program use this new sign-in system.

· The next update of these two programs will require all Church members to sign-in using an LDS Account.

· Other FamilySearch programs will send out notices when they begin to use LDS Account

· You will need to be familiar with the LDS Account registration and sign-in process in order to help your ward members through it.

· If you are not familiar with LDS Account, you can become familiar by registering for an LDS Account at

· LDS Account Help Page. Click this link for more information about LDS Account.

Again, we appreciate all you do and hope your work is enjoyable and productive.


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