Monday, March 15, 2010

USAFH Training Center 2010 First Quarter Meeting

The following is from the FREP Mailing List.

Dear FRED (Family Records Extraction Directors) and others interested:

You are invited to the special first quarter training meeting to be held on Saturday, 20 Mar 2010 at 9:00 am. at our Training Center. If you are involved or interested in indexing, this meeting is for you. People from the family search indexing department have been invited and committed to join us and give instruction and answer questions on these topics:

1. Familysearch indexing beta test in progress. (It may be released by meeting time.)
2. Record Search - the partial reward for doing indexing.
3. Familysearch Forums - Indexing section for indexing topics and
Program Administration.
4.Stake success with their indexing competition.

Please let others know about this meeting, because it will be helpful to all Stake Extraction Directors, Assistant Stake Extraction Directors, High Counsel advisers over Temple and Family History, High Priests Group Leaders and others interested in Family Search indexing work. Please tell them and/or bring them with you.

Your support of this program is greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Ralph L. Hansen
Assistant Director
Utah South Area Family History Training Center
1075 South Geneva Road, Orem, Utah 84058
Phone (801)356-9114
Our Website is at:

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