Sunday, June 05, 2011

Historical County Boundary Maps - Bookmark This!

I just stumbled upon this fantastic website thanks to Dick Eastman's article "New Online Tool uses Google Maps to show Historical County Boundaries".  He describes Randy Majors online tool, that in my opinion will replace my $79 AniMap program. It's fast and very simple to use.  This is how Randy describes the program on his blog.
Using the fantastic information from the Atlas of Historical County Boundaries, I've created an online Historical County Boundary Maps tool based on Google Maps. You can type in ANY PLACE in the U.S. and ANY YEAR to see the map of county boundaries then in effect, along with all of the current Google Maps places, roads, etc to put the historical map in a current and familiar context! You can then click any county on the map to see the specific history of the boundary changes, and type in different years to see the boundary changes over time.
It works just as described, and will save me tons of research time.  You just have to know the historical county name for an event to make sure you are researching in the correct area.  Its been a slow process trying to put all events in their historically correct county name in my genealogy database, but will truly payoff in the long run.

This online took is now marked as a favorite in my Google Bookmarks, which I recommend that you do too!

Blog Article:


The online tool use is FREE - but consider making a donation to support the site.

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!

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James Tanner said...

Thanks Rene, really cool. Good post.