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Upcoming Family History Expos

The following is from Family History Expos.

A personal letter and invitation from Family History Expos president, Holly T. Hansen:

Capture the Whole Genealogy Tech Enchilada at one of our June Expos-Your Bribe to Attend

Genealogy Bonuses, by their very nature, are often bribes-thrown together to attract your attention
and to influence you to act. 
And this bribe is a true bonus-filled with genealogy tech.

When you say to me, "Holly, I'd like to know what you know..." 
I want to reply, "It's so easy-
  1. Attend an Expo. 
  2. Attend the sessions taught by our instructors.
  3. Take notes.
  4. Examine all the stuff brought for you to see and tech you can test "hands on" in the Exhibit Hall.
  5. Question speakers, exhibitors, and other attendees on what they know.
  6. Purchase those products you expect to expand your pedigree once you get home.
  7. Apply what you heard and saw to your own hard-to-find ancestors.

As Marlo Schuldt is often heard to say, "This is not rocket science folks!"  These steps are a Golden Formula awaiting your focus.

And here's your BONUS:  Once you register online for any one of our June Family History Expos, you get access to the class handouts for that Expo-Once you arrive at the event you get a copy of the class handouts on CD. Not just the classes presented at a single event-you get the Whole Genealogy Tech Enchilada!

You see, this June we have created an EXPO Circuit that includes North Platte NE 16 June, Rapid City, SD 18 June, Sheridan WY 21 June, and Loveland CO 24-25 June 2011.  And the whole compilation of class handouts for each event is available on CD as a bonus for you (390 pages).

You can get, with your registration fee, what is taught by all of the speakers for all 4 events on one CD.  Or online you can download those segments of greatest value to you.  Or, in one printed volume (extra charge of $25.00). The combined knowledge and experience of every single speaker for all 4 events on the circuit, in one whole set of class handouts.

Arlene Eakle, Ph.D., one of the most knowledgeable genealogists I know, purchases the printed volume at each EXPO in addition to the CD she receives as a presenter. I asked her what she does with it. She replied, "I read it.  Cover to cover.  My tech skills are a work in progress.  So I read the handouts, and study the illustrations, and seek out the websites and references that are suggested in each speaker's stuff.  It is a whole university course-at each Expo." 

I got to thinking about Dr. Eakle's response and thought to myself, "And the best part about it all, is the price is a bargain if you have every paid for a university course. And we bring the conference to our friends close to home!  In this tough economy out there, you cannot get a better bribe.

Register today:
1.      Learn what I know-did you know that I usually don't speak at our events?  Did you know that I was a professional researcher, editor, author, and event planner?  Did you know I'm teaching three classes in Rapid City, two classes in North Platte, and two classes in Sheridan, Wyoming?  My class handouts are on the CD.
2.      Learn what Arlene Eakle knows.  Did you know that she has used the same research system since 1970?  Did you know that research system has guaranteed her a 96% success rate consistently for all these years? She'll teach it to you, step-by-step. 
3.      Learn what Leland Meitzler knows. Did you know that Leland is bringing his whole bookstore with him to Rapid City? Buy genealogy books close to home.
4.      Learn what Marlo SchuldtBilly EdgingtonRuby Coleman, and Ken Aubuchon know.  Did you know each one of these experts will sell you their stuff and share their expertise with you?
5.      Learn from our nearly 40 national speakers who will be at the Colorado Expo. You CAN learn new tricks from each of them. "It's so easy!"

And you get the Whole Genealogy Tech Enchilada on CD or online. Or you can buy the printed volume. This syllabus also includes all the presentations for the big, 3rd Annual Colorado Family History Expo 24-25 June to be held in Loveland Colorado at the Embassy Suites on I-25.

You really don't want to miss this truly unique opportunity to learn what our presenters know.  And capture your genealogy BONUS-theWhole Genealogy Tech Enchilada.  Such an opportunity may not come your way again.

I'm so excited to see you at the Expo,

Holly T. Hansen

P.S. We will have great exhibits at the Expos too.  Just wanted you to know.  And you can ask our pros about your hardest-to-find-ancestor for FREE.

P.P.S. If you live to far away to attend one of our June Expos you can purchase the Class Handouts and we will gladly ship to you the CD or printed volume. Available online in our Genealogy Store today under Expo Specials (will ship early July).


Holly & Chris Hansen and the whole Family History Expos Team
Upcoming Events

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June 24-25, 2011. Colorado Family History Expo  
July 29-30, 2011. Midwest Family History Expo  
October 30 - November 4, 2011. Family History Library Research Retreat  
November 11-12, 2011. Georgia Family History Expo  

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