Friday, June 17, 2011

Ohana Software Webinars

The following is from Ohana Software.


AncestorSync: A New Product from Real-Time Collaboration 
Presenter: Dovy Paukstys - 
                                                                                                  Real-Time Collaboration 

Currently, maintaining both an online pedigree and a personal copy of your genealogy is time consuming.  Invariably, you forget to transfer something up to or down from your online pedigree.  When released, AncestorSync™ will allow you to seamlessly download, upload, or synchronize your family tree on an online pedigree to your personal genealogy software on your computer, and back again. You choose your genealogy software; you choose your online pedigree; you choose what to synchronize; we'll do the rest!  Join us to learn more about this exciting new product from Real-Time Collaboration.  Learn how you will be able to participate in Beta testing, send feedback on its functions, and get a head start on synchronizing your online and personal file.  See what the future has in store for you!

 Wednesday, July 13, 2011            Register Now
  7:00 PM - 8:00 PM MD

FamilyInsight: Trim - Delete - Separate
Presenter: Cina Johnson 
Trim – Delete – Separate – What do these have in common?  They are actions you can take in FamilyInsight to clean up your file or clean up the new FamilySearch.  This class will delve into trimming your file to share with others, control its size, or delete branches that do not really belong on your tree.  We will also work with AncestorSplit and the Separate feature in Full Synchronization to separate (split) records that were inadvertently combined on the new FamilySearch.  These features will help you as you try to maintain the quality of your file and/or the new FamilySearch.

Thursday, July 21, 2011                  Register Now
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM MDT

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