Monday, February 01, 2010

"New FamilySearch" integration now available in Legacy Family Tree 7.4 (public pre-release)

The following is posted on the Legacy Family Tree blog.

We have a great new update for you to download. This update has been several years in the making and for those with a "New FamilySearch" account you will be especially excited.

Watch the video
We've published a few videos showing you all about the new FamilySearch tools. and click on the links in the Video Tutorials section.
Who should install this update?
Everyone. This update includes much more than the new FamilySearch integration features. Since our last update we've added several minor enhancements and fixed bugs that you've reported.
This update is free
There is no cost for this update. If you've already installed Legacy 7.0 (standard or deluxe editions) just follow the update instructions below. The FamilySearch tools are included in both the free standard edition and the deluxe edition. If you do not yet have Legacy Family Tree, and you want to utilize the FamilySearch tools, you can download either edition.
What's New
New FamilySearch integration. We've written about this many times. Click here if you've missed the articles.
  • Version 7.4 includes a special "pre-release" edition of our New FamilySearch integration tools which lets users: 1) Match their Legacy individuals with FamilySearch individuals, 2) Combine potential duplicates that exist at FamilySearch, 3) View the real-time ordinance status of individuals
  • After installing the update, you will be asked if you want to turn on the FamilySearch integration tools. At this time only LDS members should say yes (FamilySearch accounts are currently restricted to members of the LDS church while they conclude their testing).
  • The FamilySearch tools have been officially certified by FamilySearch, but the tools are still in "pre-release mode". This means that 1) not all of the features that we want to implement are available, but we want you to get started (the rest of the features will be released in version 7.5) and 2) there are still a few minor (non-critical) bugs to resolve.
Before installing the update...
As with any new update, we encourage all users to make a backup of their family file. Do this before installing the update. It's pretty simple. Just go to File > Backup Family File.
Join our LegacyFS mailing list
If you have questions, suggestions, or just want to discuss the new FamilySearch features, subscribe to our new mailing list at

The blog article continues with photo instructions on how to download and install this new feature. If you already have version 7 of Legacy Family Tree then this is a free upgrade.

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