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Reach Out to Share the Joy of Family History This Christmas

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December 21, 2009
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Reach Out to Share the Joy of Family History This Christmas

During the Christmas season our hearts often turn to our church leaders and their families, who sacrifice and dedicate so much for us and for the members of our wards and stakes.  We often try to express our love and appreciation for them with small tokens of thoughtful cards and plates of goodies.

As a family history consultant, you have the opportunity to reach out and express your love and appreciation in a very unique way that can bring deep and long-lasting joy to our beloved leaders.  You can give them the profound gift of service by kindly offering to assist them to experience the joy that comes from personally participating in family history work.

Consider how fun and rewarding it will be for you to reach out to your bishop, high priests group leader, or other ward or stake leaders and offer to personally assist them with their family history. Observe the joy in their faces when they register on and see their family tree unfold in front of them as they click on “See Me and My Ancestors.”

Imagine how their joy will culminate in the temple as they perform sacred temple ordinances for at least one ancestor because you were there to help them find that ancestor and you assisted them to prepare the name for temple ordinances.

Experience the joy!  May you consider expressing your love and appreciation to your church leaders this Christmas season by personally reaching out and kindly sharing the joy of family history is our Christmas wish for you.

Merry Christmas!


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