Friday, June 10, 2011

GenDetective Download Now Available!


The following is from RumbleSoft.

RumbleSoft™ Incorporated has made GenDetective™ available for download

GenDetective: Tells you what you DON’T KNOW and what you need to FIND!

Plumsteadville, Pennsylvania (June 8, 2011) – RumbleSoft™ Incorporated, supplier of innovative solutions for genealogists now has GenDetective™ available for download either as a ten day free trial or for purchase at

RumbleSoft™ will be demonstrating GenDetectiveTM at the Southern California Jamboree in Burbank, California June 10th through June 12th.

GenDetective™ is a revolutionary new trip planning and reporting tool for individuals doing genealogical research. GenDetective™ is designed and created to be easy to use and offer insight where additional research could be performed, and presents this insight in a portable manner to aid the user while researching.  For more information visit the RumbleSoft™ Incorporated website at


Anonymous said...

This software has potential but it does not seem to be professional--I downloaded the 169 mb software, tried to install and it required a special "Office 2007 Primary Interop Assemblies" which I tried to do but it still would not work--the program starts and never continues.

Also readme for this Office 2007 program says that uninstall can do some damage--so I am stuck with a program (10 day trial) that won't work and now I have jeopardized my computer.

Also, I emailed Rumblesoft and still no reply--I don't think they have a support system in place yet.

To download the 169 mb takes some patience--it looks complicated from the PDF readme file -- not too user friendly, no support, difficult to install and simply does not run for me (XP SP 3).

Any tips on installing?

Anonymous said...

I am very unhappy with this software. I purchased it a week ago and it will not run on my Windows 7 machine. Also, attempts to reach tech support are useless. I would like my money back but can't reach anyone at RumbleSoft.