Thursday, September 20, 2012

Treasured Souls to Keep

Every now and then we just need pretty things in our lives.  When I find a pretty and functional item I just have to share.  Can I just say I drool over these boxes. The company name "Treasured Souls to Keep" describes my feelings exactly, about my temple cards for beloved family members.  They are more than just names on a card to me!

LDS Temple Family File Card Organizational System


 LDS Temple Family File Card Boxes

These elegant organizers provide a special place for you to easily manage your family file temple cards as you progress each ancestor from Baptism through Sealing. Avoid losing cards and keep your treasured ancestors in mind with this useful file system. Hinged and Envelope Boxes include tabbed index cards: Baptism, Initiatory, Endowment, Sealing and Completed. Sliding Drawer box comes with tabbed alphabetical cards to file cards by family surname when temple work is completed.

Envelope Box fits nicely into temple bag, purse, or briefcase. Holds 75 cards comfortably with magnetic closure to secure cards as they are transported to and from the temple.

Medium Hinged Box holds 350 cards and has antique brass snap closure in the front and hinges on back.
Sliding Drawer Box holds 1000 cards safely and attractively for storage on book cases, desk, or shelves. Box comes with an antique brass knob and Treasured Souls to Keep charm and Rejoice charm dangles.

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