Thursday, September 13, 2012

Volunteer Opportunity at the Family History Library

The following is from the Family History Library.

Volunteer Opportunity at the Family History Library

The Family History Library is looking for dependable, non-missionary volunteers to serve at their Reference Desks. This opportunity could help Accredited Genealogists and potential AGs with renewals and experience in
pedigree analysis and problem solving. It would also help build skills for future employment possibilities and interactions with clients.

The responsibilities would involve helping patrons with genealogy research and computer questions on the British, International, and US/Canada floors. Volunteers would need to serve for a minimum of 2–4 hours per week for at
least 6 months. They would need to meet the dress and grooming standards and abide by the rules set by the Family History Library. Some skills assessment and training may be required. Depending upon availability and
skill sets, you may or may not be selected. Any Accredited Genealogist or those who have passed at least Level 1 of the AG test may apply. Those interested in volunteering should contact Yvonne Sorenson, for an application.

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