Thursday, September 06, 2012

Webinars on how to use Family Tree coming up beginning this Friday

The following is from James Anderson on the FHCNET Mailing List.

FamilySearch has announced a series of webinars on how to use Family Tree and the first of four for the first one is this Friday.

To find these webinars, one on the basics of Family Tree, and the other two on more advanced topics, go to and log in.

Open up the 'full list' of items involving Family Tree (and there's a large amount of new stuff posted only a week ago as well, including the user's guides, one is 183 pages long I think if I got the page count right.)

The link to the webinars page is at the BOTTOM of that list of Family Tree items.  Literally the last one.  Click on that for the page listing the three webinrs and open each one up for its days and times.  And a small amount of other information.

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