Thursday, December 11, 2014

FamilySearch Indexing Newsletter

The following is from FamilySearch.

New Indexing Program: Feedback Provides Insight

Over the last year FamilySearch has been working hard on developing a new indexing program. Your feedback has been insightful and invaluable to improve the future of indexing for everyone. Find out what decisions we have made in response.

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Worldwide Indexing Event

Temple Blessings Around the World

Natalie looked for a way to still participate in some form of temple work. Family history, teaching indexing, appeared to be the answer.
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3 Tips for Becoming a Better Indexer

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Arbitration Today, Find Tomorrow

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Meet the IndexerTaking Names From Archive to Temple: Where Indexing Projects Come From

Before the name of an ancestor can be taken to the temple, it must be found.

Experience the FamilySearch Party!You Can Find Your Ancestors

Do you feel like finding your own ancestors is a hard thing to do? Do you feel like you don't have enough time to research your ancestors? 

Experience the FamilySearch Party!Find, Take, and Teach, to be Featured at Family Discover Day

Register for Family Discovery Day for Church members and families to discover new ways to find your ancestors and help them receive temple ordinances.

Thank You

"I didn't realize there was so much work to be done. I find it very rewarding to index because I know that I am helping thousands of people find their ancestors."
- Tamara

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