Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Nathan Furr at Innovator Summit

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RootsTech - February 12-14, 2015

Nathan Furr, Ph.D., Author of The Innovator’s Method,to Headline RootsTech Innovator Summit

Nathan Furr at Innovator SummitOne of the world’s leading authors and recognized experts in innovation and entrepreneurship will be part of the largest family history conference in the world. Nathan Furr, Ph.D., will be joining RootsTech as a keynote speaker on Wednesday, February 11, 2015, at the Innovator Summit. His keynote address, titled “How to Apply the Innovator’s Method to Increase Your Success and Decrease Your Risk,” will zero in on how to capture new opportunities, how to balance the need for execution and flexibility, how startups develop innovative business models, and the impact of learning on new market success.

Nathan Furr is a Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Brigham Young University and has a Ph.D. from Stanford University. His new book,The Innovator’s Method (Harvard Business Review Press, September 2014) combines the two, bringing the radical “lean start-up” approach to innovation into established organizations. His previous book, Nail It Then Scale It (NISI Institute, 2011), underscores that the seeds to entrepreneurial success are sown before you build anything.

Nathan Furr is just one of the many exciting and inspiring speakers at RootsTech Innovator Summit. The Innovator Summit offers developers, business leaders, and entrepreneurs access to the latest content and resources that provide insight on family history data, services, and inspiration for current and future projects. A full lineup of classes are offered on Wednesday, February 11, with additional classes offered on Thursday and Friday. The Wednesday event includes Furr's keynote address, a lunch combined with the semifinal round of the RootsTech Innovator Challenge, an evening mingle, and a late-night hack-a-thon event. If you are a developer, business leader, or entrepreneur, you won't want to miss this event.

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