Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Heritage Collector Webinar - December 18th - Getting Ready for Christmas

The following is from Heritage Collector. They also have a new Facebook page you can visit here.

Getting Ready for Christmas
Thursday, December 18th
  7:00 PM - 8:00 PM MST
We Have Fun Ideas
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Have Fun Making Storybook Pages
Webinar Topics . . . 
  • Grandpa Schuldt Introduces Marbles to the Grandsons. Learn how easy it is to create a little video. Marlo will show how he teaches his grandsons how to play marbles and the values that can be practiced while playing. The video is designed to accompany the bag of marbles they will be receiving for Christmas. Remember playing 'Pick Up Sticks? We have a little surprise from Grandma Schuldt playing Pick Up Sticks.
  • How to Get the Photos and Videos Off Your Camera or Phone. It's time to move photos and videos off your phone or camera before they are lost since you will be taking lots of photos and videos at Christmas.
  • Learn How to Make a Personalized Christmas Card - get the free template and the 'How To' video.
  • Share a Family Newsletter. How to create and send a family newsletter via e-mail or share a slideshow newsletter.
  • Geek Technology Tidbit - I'm going to show you a panorama I made with my phone . . . FUN and unbelievably easy!
  • Guest Presentations. Holly Hansen, president of Family History Expos will be introducing her new series of 2015 genealogy webinars. Paul Larsen, author of "Crash Course in Family History" will be offering a special Christmas discount on his book.
  • Other Special Discounts.
  • Questions and Answers.
Please Note: This webinar will probably overfill. If you can't get in the night of the live webinar, you can watch for the recorded version released the next day by following a link on our webinar page - "Miss a Webinar?"
Click the 'Learn More' button for more information and a signup link for the webinar. Hope to see you at the Thursday night!
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Best Wishes,
Marlo E. Schuldt
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