Thursday, December 11, 2014

Major Clooz Update 3.3.6 Released

The following is from Clooz.

Major Clooz Update 3.3.6 Released!
The New Synchronization Transfer Tool

Clooz users have invested a substantial amount of time building their Clooz database and linking it to the people and sources in their linked family tree program. Therefore, Clooz users previously were faced with a difficult situation when a family tree program change is needed, as may happen to our users who have relied on The Master Genealogist, which is being discontinued.
To support this challenge for our users, a new Synchronization Transfer Tool has been added to assist users migrating from one family tree program to another. Users can now transfer the links from one external file to another different file (e.g., a TMG user who linked to their data from Clooz can shift the links to apply to a Legacy or RootsMagic file containing the same identification numbers as the TMG file).

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Revised Canada 1921 Census Template

For our Clooz users who have Canadian ancestors, The 1921 Canadian Census template was updated to more accurately reflect the actual document used in the nationwide Census. The old template matched the Newfoundland census of that same year, when Newfoundland was not yet part of Canada. The old template is now labeled as Newfoundland. The report format for 1921 Canadian Census documents has been updated to handle the changes made in the template.
Invalid Entry Filtering Problem Fixed

Finally, a problem has been fixed with how Clooz 3.3 handles invalid entries when filtering main grid displays (for example, entering a surname to filter by Clooz ID caused Clooz to crash).

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