Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Heritage Collector Jan 2015 Webinar Schedule

The following schedule is found on the Heritage Collector Webinars page.

Heritage Collector Jan 2015 Webinar Schedule

Thursday - January 8th @ 7:00 PM MDT - Register here

Getting Started With Heritage Collector Part 1
By Marlo Schuldt, President - LifeStory Productions

  • Using the new 'How To' Movies.
  • Importing photos.
  • Using the Sort collection to import photos.
  • Creating collections and folders.
  • Adding captions and descriptions to photos.
  • Organizing and moving photos.
  • Changing photo order in collections.

Thursday - January 15th @ 7:00 PM MDT - Register here

NEW!  Scandinavian Genealogy Research
By Holly Hanson, President - Family History Expos

  • Learn about the records, locations, and strategies that are most important to document Scandinavian families.
  • Focus will be on the most important fundamental sources and strategies needed to accurately prove a Scandinavian genealogy.

Thursday - January 22nd @ 8:00 PM MDT - Register here

Converting / Editing  and Sharing Old Movies
Special Guest - Tom Perry - Digital Media Expert and Owner of The Multimedia Centers
Wondering what do do with your old movies and VHS tapes?

  • What's new in digital conversion technology.
  • Common mistakes and things to avoid.
  • The best ways to convert and preserve.
  • Fun ways to share your old movies using Heritage Collector.
  • Using old movies, videos and sound in family history.
  • Special offers and discounts.

Thursday - January 29th @ 7:00 PM MDT - Register here

Making Photos, Storybook Pages and Calendars INTERACTIVE
By Marlo Schuldt, President - LifeStory Productions

  • Adding audio and video to hot spots.
  • Storybook page with interactive sound and video.
  • Text Hot Spots.
  • Audio Hot Spots.
  • Video Hot Spots.
  • Using Hot Spots to label photos.
  • Using QR Codes.
  • Questions and Answers.

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