Saturday, January 23, 2016

Ancestry 2016: The Year Ahead

The following is from Ancestry.

January 2016 Update

New YearNew Year
To Our Ancestry Community,

We had an amazing 2015 and I want to thank you all for helping to make that happen. You’ve helped build what is now more than 70 million family trees, uploaded 300 million photos and documents, and provided more than one million DNA samples to better discover your ethnic mix and identify living cousins and distant ancestors.

Our team has worked hard to streamline and improve the overall Ancestry experience for everyone. While that meant saying goodbye to a few products so we can better hone our focus, this year AncestryDNA introduced New Ancestor Discoveries to identify ancestors dating back to the 1700s. We helped discover where you came from, and provided insights into your ancestors’ lives and possessions.

With more than 16 billion historical records across 80 countries, we’ve added an entirely new and unprecedented collection of online U.S. wills and probate records that span 300 years, and a new collection of more than 200 million Mexican records dating back 300 years. Plus, we launched the LifeStory timeline to help piece your family story together.

This year marks our 20th anniversary and we’ve only just scratched the surface‑we’re continuing to explore new and better ways to look into the past. Here’s what’s to come in 2016:

We’re aiming to provide more information to build out your family trees, fill the missing gaps, and connect you with ancestors you never knew about. We’ll be launching international content to help you connect to your roots outside of the U.S., with more to come from Germany, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Ireland, and Scandinavia.

We’ll bring you more global family connections using our powerful DNA network to continue to uncover family history and discover new ancestors with a more in‑depth look at your ethnic origins, building a richer story.

I’d like to thank each and every one of you, the Ancestry team, and our partners for making 2015 a great year. We have an amazing journey ahead and I’m excited to bring you along. A heartfelt thanks for your continued passion, enthusiasm, and most importantly, all of your amazing dedication. Here’s to new discoveries in 2016.

Best wishes for the year ahead,
Tim Sullivan

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