Saturday, January 23, 2016

MyHeritage featured on Israeli TV

The following is from MyHeritage.

MyHeritage was featured on a popular Israeli TV show, HaTsinor. Their segment highlights the important work MyHeritage does to help people discover their long-lost relatives and to reunite families.
It includes coverage of the special reunion that MyHeritage helped organize on the Greek island of Ereikoussa with author Yvette Manessis-Corporon and the Hassid family. During WWII, residents of the small island risked their lives to save a Jewish tailor’s family from the Nazis. Yvette's grandmother was one of those brave people, and often spoke about Savvas (the tailor) and his family. After a long search, MyHeritage was instrumental in helping Yvette connect with the tailor's descendants, the Hassid family.
Click the video below to watch the full piece on HaTsinor (with English subtitles):

The segment also includes clips from a new video made on the streets of Israel, where passersby tried out MyHeritage Instant Discoveries™. After only seconds, people were able to discover ancestors, relatives and never-seen-before photos, and add them all to their family tree.
Click the video below (with English subtitles) to see people making Instant Discoveries™ on the bustling streets of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv:
We're proud to help people begin on their genealogical journey and learn more about their family history. It was especially meaningful for us to take part in the emotional Ereikoussa reunion, bringing families — with so much shared history — together once again.

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