Saturday, January 23, 2016

Mt. Timpanogos Temple District Begins Printing Family Ordinance Cards From Home

The following is from FamilySearch. I'm in the Mount Timpanogos Temple District and have already begun printing my temple cards. It's a very simple process and makes sharing cards with family much easier.

Dear Family History Center Directors and Consultants,
This email is to alert you of a new program being rolled out that allows temple patrons to print family ordinance cards from home. This option will be turned on by stake, based on temple district. This process started in November 2015 and will continue through the first few months of 2016. The order and timing is determined by the Temple Department.
Members in your area may have questions concerning how to correctly print family ordinance cards at home. If they are already familiar with ordinance submission and Family Ordinance Request (FOR) printing, the procedure will seem very familiar. Members new to ordinance submission may need more support from those more familiar with it.
From the Temple Reservation page, users will find the option to Print Family Ordinance Cards under the heading Print. The option remains to print an FOR to take to a temple that doesn't yet accept the home-printed cards. A recent blog post explains the procedure in detail.
Members who do not have a printer at home can print family ordinance cards at the family history center or a friend's home. Members may also print an FOR and continue to have the temple recorder's office print their cards. Family ordinance cards printed at the temple will now be printed on white paper and will appear as shown in the blog post.
Review the blog post to become familiar with answers to many of the questions you or those you serve may have.
You play a key role in helping members find success as they engage in the work of salvation. Remember that you are a vital part of sharing the message to find the names of ancestors, to takethem to the temple, and to teach others what you have learned. Thank you for your continuous engagement in the work of salvation.
If you haven't done so already, please visit the center director page to see the updated Discovery Pages, Operations Guide, and FHD Director Workshops if you are a center director. For those of you who are family history consultants, visit the family history consultants page to see the latest information and training about your calling.
Thank you,

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Matt said...

Provo Temple district is seeing the print cards at home option too. Thanks!