Friday, January 01, 2016

Print Temple Ordinance Cards at Home

The following if from the FamilySearch Blog. The Mt. Timpanogos temple district patrons are to gain access to printing temple cards from home early January 2016. I checked today and access has not begun. I guess I have to wait until after the holiday. 

New: Print Temple Ordinance Cards at Home

Temple Cards 2-- telescope ID-1510229
Taking a family name to the temple using FamilySearch Family Tree has always included the step of printing a Family Ordinance Request (FOR). The FOR was then taken to the temple office where a temple worker used it to print out temple cards, which were then used for ordinance work. As a result of a new collaboration between the Temple and Family History departments, temple patrons will now be able to print out temple cards at home, cutting out that extra step and making the temple experience simpler.
How It Works
Printing your own temple cards follows the same process you have likely followed in the past to print out an FOR. From the Temple Reservations page, you simply select the check box next to the name of the person for whom you would like to print the cards, and then click the blue Print button that activates at the top of the page.
Temple Card Submission 1
From the drop-down menu, select Print Temple Cards, and follow the on-screen prompts
 Temple Card Submission 2
Frequently Asked Questions (cont'd)

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Dan Knudsen said...

Tuesday, 5 January, there was a bug when printing Sealing to Parent for a child who died before age 8; it left all the other ordinances open and not black-out. I don't know if this has been fixed by now. If one of those is printed and the bug is still there, cross out the other ordinances.